A Ten Plot Point Summary of my life recently (In other words, MUCH NEWS. Plus…apologies for not keeping this blog up to date!)

Hi Gang,


I know, I know…I should have written in this thing MONTHS ago.  But I tell you…I have just been too busy!  This year has been so crazy busy, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced…EVER!  Imagine a Merry-go-round sped up about one billion times, complete with super sonic flashing lights and cheering faces whizzing past … and that’s how it’s felt.  I’ve already been to Germany twice, Australia twice, America once, and round the bend several times …

I think I should give you the ten-plot-point summary of the past few months :

1). In March I launched STOLEN in Germany. I went to the Leipzig book fair (cool manga characters wandering round!), Hamburg (sat in my hotel room and worked on my PhD) and Cologne (met some super nice Lit festival people!). This was all great fun, even though the crowds I seemed to attract to watch me seemed very SERIOUS.  I guess that might have something to do with the fact that my German cover is uber scary….it’s black and menacing and with a man’s face lurking behind.  The German title is quite scary too. It’s called ‘Ich Wuenschte Ich Koennte Dich Hassen (which in English means ‘I wished I could hate you’). Apparently it’s doing quite well in Germany. I hope so.  I learnt German all the way through school and even went on exchange to Germany for two months before my final year of school.  I adore this country and I adore its’ language too – I love the way its’ sounds seem to erupt from the back of one’s throat. It feels like such a privilege to have my words translated into it.


2).  End March, I did some great school visits in Sydney and Melbourne … including the most amazing school in Sydney called Newington who runs their own Literature Festival over three days.  Gorgeous place, very inspiring too. I even went back to my old school in Melbourne to do a visit – get this, some of the pictures on the walls are still the same from when I was there YEARS ago … (some of the teachers are still the same too!)


3). End May – back to Melbourne for the wonderful Reading Matters Conference. Imagine this – a whole conference dedicated to YA fiction.  Blissful stuff.  I sat next to one of my childhood heroes – Melina Marchetta. I also signed a copy of Stolen for Markus Zusak … yes, you did read that correctly, author of THE BOOK THIEF! I think this might rank as a career highlight.  However, I did have to ask him how to spell his name – how EMBARRASSING is that?!


4). I returned to Germany in May once again for the Saarbrueken Book Festival – gorgeous little town, and gorgeous little festival. My delightful German editor joined me for this one – sie ist sehr nett.


5). In June I was on a panel to decide the winner of this year’s Branford Boase Award, and the winner is …. HA! I’m not going to tell you this YET….you need to wait a couple more days at least.  But I will tell you that it’s a book that I absolutely think is one of the best books I’ve read for a very long time ….but I would do, wouldn’t I?! It’s the winner after all. But it’s a good winner, a very, very good winner indeed…. It’s so good I wish I’d written it!


6). End June I jetted off to the steamy armpit of New Orleans to pick up my PRINTZ HONOR AWARD for STOLEN (yes, you read that correctly too! Yay!). I spoke in front of 500 librarians (eek!) and then I carried my lovely award home in my hand luggage all the way. I also got to present FLYAWAY to hundreds of librarians too (which is very exciting as FLYAWAY isn’t out in USA until October – they all got advance, uncorrected proof copies to take away…I’d love to know what they thought….hmmm…). New Orleans was one of the most amazing cities also…I rode in a mule-drawn cart as well as on a paddle-steamer. I came over all-Huck-Finn. Plus, I got to spend time with my fantastic American publishing team.


7), Maggie Stiefvater gave me 5 stars on Good Reads for FLYAWAY (I like this fact so much it deserves a point of its own!)


8). I’m just about to set off for a whirlwind tour of Oz….to attend the Prime Minister Awards, for which Flyaway is shortlisted (cross fingers everyone! Cross toes too please!) and to discuss Stolen the FILM (exciting, hey!? Even more exciting is the fact that I may or may not be meeting my ‘Ty’!)


9). I’m a good way into finishing this third book (after several misguided attempts in the wrong direction!). Easy peasy. Ha! Let’s hope so anyway!


10). End of July – I present my Creative Writing PhD to four examiners, including the very brainy Peter Hunt (Lit academic), the very adorable Steve Voake (YA author), the very lyrical Linda Newberry (YA author) and the very important Paul Davies (head of graduate school). Wish me luck for this one too.  My PhD is pretty much all about the writing of Stolen, just in case you were interested.


So, that’s it for now chickens.  Take care out there. Hopefully it won’t be forever again until I write once more…. I’ll try my best anyway. ;-) In the meantime keep those toes crossed for Flyaway at the PM Awards, and watch out as I hand my baton over to the new Branford Boase champion… it’s a big baton, wouldn’t want to hit you with it!

I’m going to leave you with my favourite quote of the moment – “Be kind. For everyone is fighting a hard battle.” (Plato)

Wishing you sunshine and salutations,

Lucy :-)



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  1. by Jaskirat

    On July 7, 2011

    Wow that does sound hectic!!! Can u plezzzzzz give us some hint about your third book!!!! I’m so curious!!! Btw I sent you an email asking you for an interview for my blog…pleasaaaaase reply and finally are you planning to come to Canada anytime soon????

  2. by Claire

    On July 19, 2011

    Wow, what a busy time you’ve had! I cannot wait until your third book! I also love Germany and the language. I will be recomending “Ich Wuenschte Ich Koennte Dich Hassen” to all my German friends!

  3. by Hayley

    On July 24, 2011

    Hello :3 I can’t wait to read your third book! Please come to Irelad sometime soon??!!??

  4. by Natta

    On August 25, 2011

    can’t wait for your third book, i’m an avid fan. keep it up!!

  5. by astrid

    On September 2, 2011

    cant w8 for third book but i think making stolen in to a movie is going to kill the book, they’ll probably make so many changes that the ending might not even be the same and the characters will probably look nothing like theyre described:(…it would have been good if was just left as a book for readers to read and imagine themselves!…the book is amazing and i love your writing style!! looking forward to reading the third book :)

  6. by Cassandra

    On September 5, 2011

    I, like Astrid, am slightly hesitant for the movie Stolen. One of my favorite books, Eragon, was butchered via movie form. So, I will keep my fingers crossed that you have more sensible people to work with.

  7. by astrid

    On October 2, 2011

    i thought the butterfly on the cover was a moth…the one which gemma captures in her hand thinking how safe it is (in her hand) but how it needs freedom like her…(you know symbolizing the parallels between them)!!!…(but it isnt i dont think!)
    cant wait to see the third books cover…the book covers fo the other two are quite cool!!

  8. by Lucy

    On October 2, 2011

    thanks for all your comments guys – so interesting to read! Lucyx

  9. by Alyssa

    On January 8, 2012

    I cannot wait for stolen the movie i was reading this at three in the morning and when i heard it might be a movie i completley flipped out, i think you would capture the characters amazingly since well you are my favoreite author. :)

  10. by Riley

    On February 17, 2012

    I just finished reading Stolen… I cried! I just couldn’t get enough of it! Are you going to write a sequal for Stolen? If not, PLEASE DO. :) I loved it so much. But, I don’t think they should make it into a movie.. They will ruin it! Everyone has their own vision of Ty and Gemma and it will just be terrible if the movie messes up you’re vision… Oh, by the way I fell in love with Ty during the book.. :)
    That’s all for noww. x

  11. by Vini

    On March 12, 2012

    i kept on desperately turning the last page of Stolen, in the hope that another page would just magically appear!! couldn’t get enough of it!! IT IS SO DEFINITELY THE BEST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ AND I HAVE READ ALOT OF BOOKS. i seriously can’t wait a second longer for your third book to come out i just know it will be fabulous, because you are an AMAZING author.

  12. by ali

    On April 19, 2012

    hey there. i have to do a biography for school. I need to know a few thing about you. like do you have kids? are you married? formal educationn? where you grew up at and where you live now ?

  13. by sam

    On July 20, 2012

    is there going to be a second book for stolen?

  14. by lilly

    On July 20, 2012

    yer is there going to be a second book for stolen?!?!?!?

  15. by Lucy Christopher

    On July 23, 2012

    hmm….I’m still thinking on this one. I have an idea for one, just need to find someone to publish it! ;-)

  16. by VINI

    On July 24, 2012

    OMGOMGOMG!!! YOU”RE WRITING A SECOND BOOK FOR STOLEN??? YESYESYESILOVEYOU (totally not overreacting or anything) i just started reading ‘Flyaway’ its really good! :D

  17. by Magda

    On July 26, 2012

    Hi:) I’m writing to you from Poland. I finally found and read your first book:) Stolen (in our country: Ukradziona) is amazing. Full of life and the truth about human’ soul. It was hard journey… but I hate to say goodbye, so I won’t;) Come to Poland:D

  18. by Magda

    On July 26, 2012

    A little mistake: not Ukradziona but Uprowadzona is the right title. Sorry. Almost the same meaning;)

  19. by Lilly

    On July 31, 2012


  20. by Sasha

    On August 25, 2012

    Are you thinking of making a movie of Flyaway i really like that book.
    Are you from Australia? Thats cool!:) Keep writing;)

  21. by Sasha

    On August 25, 2012

    You write really good books.

  22. by Jorden

    On March 6, 2013

    Well I know these comment are from years ago but I don’t care. I love your books (I own all of em) and I’m pretty sure I’ve read stolen 100+ times. I swear by now I can recite the story. Absolutally love the beginning. It’s like a movie reel going through my head. I enjoy the ability you have with turning plain old boring words into emotions and works of art. Keep on writing! ^^

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