Boot Camp with my Editor!

A couple of weeks ago I spent a lovely few days with my delightful editor, Imogen Cooper, sorting out my third book.

Here are some photos of us hard at work…. or rather, her keeping me captive until I finish the book (if you prefer!).

It seems the kidnap narrative isn’t just reserved for my novels, after all!

Anyone with funny caption suggestions, speak up! :-)

Lucy Christopher and Imogen Cooper

Lucy Christopher and Imogen Cooper

Lucy Christopher and Imogen Cooper

Lucy Christopher and Imogen Cooper

Lucy Christopher and Imogen Cooper

Lucy Christopher and Imogen Cooper




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  1. by Alison Runham

    On March 22, 2011

    Captions, OR What Lucy Ws Thinking
    1. God, this is GREAT! I AM a genius. Did I really WRITE this?
    2. Great, isn’t it, Imogen?! Oh…your’e pointing…you’ve got that funny look on your face.
    3. Oh no. She just said it’s crap but now I have to smile for the camera. Holding back the tears…
    4. Oh good. Facing this way, Imogen can’t see me cry. Can’t bear to look at the screen anyway…
    5. Hah! Let her sit there and see IF SHE CAN DO ANY BETTER!
    6. Phew, glad that’s over. On with these edits then. No one will ever find her – under the patio…


  2. by Lucy Christopher

    On March 22, 2011

    Haha!! Imogen does have a very large, falling-down well in her garden…….perfect place to stash an editor, ahem, I mean bucket of water! ;-)

  3. by Brittany Koen

    On June 20, 2011

    After you are done editing, “Hmm. I’m not sure…” you say. “NO! We went over this a thousand times, I am 100% positivly SURE it is done, perfection!!” Imogen shudders, then take a ‘cooling down’ breath. You pout. “One more hour, we’ll just cheeck over it.” she gives up.

  4. by C. Gareau

    On July 4, 2011

    Est-ce que votre livre “Stolen” est ou sera publié en français? Le livre a été recommandé dans le commentaire à la fin du chapitre dans une fanfiction de Twilight. Si oui, isbn svp.

    Montréal, Québec, Canada

  5. by Lucy Christopher

    On July 4, 2011

    Yes, Stolen is published in French! It’s called ‘Lettre a mon ravisseur’ and ISBN – 978-2-07-062844-5

  6. by Teju

    On January 8, 2012

    Is flyaway sold in India

  7. by Marie

    On May 28, 2013

    Are you going to write a sequel for Stolen?!?!?

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