As you can probably tell, I’m really rather excited about this fact.

In fact, I need to scream very loudly right now …… STOLEN HAS WON THE GOLD INKY AWARD!!!!!

There.  Did you hear me?

I want to make sure and scream again, but in case you heard me the first time, here’s my acceptance speech for winning the award instead:

Unfortunately, my grandfather has been very ill this past week so I wasn’t able to attend the awards in person (which I was REALLY sad about! :-( … ) However, my dear old dad picked up the award for me.  I can’t wait to see it in person next week. What a treat!

Thank you so much to everyone who voted for my debut book to win this amazingly wonderful prize.  I really am very grateful.  This is SUCH a great prize to win.  The best thing about this prize is that it’s voted for by YOU, my teenage readers.  Wow.  So I guess that must mean you kinda like my book?  Gosh, I really am very grateful.  THANK YOU!!

I’ll  be back home in Melbourne early next year so hopefully I’ll get to meet a few of you wonderful voters then. Sure hope so anyway. If anyone has any requests for visits or appearances, please get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

Only one thing left to say:   sadly my grandfather  died yesterday, so, in true Oscar style, I think I should dedicate this award to him!  And also to you…my voters.  Thanks guys.  You’re all lovely.

I’m really pleased to win.


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Stolen at the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards

Well, Stolen didn’t win the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards, but Look! Stolen did get to share the stage with Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard!

Stolen upstaging Prime Minister Julia Gillard ;-)

Who’s upstaging who…? ;-)

The Young Adult Fiction winner was Bill Condon, with his FABULOUS  ‘Confessions of a Liar, Thief and Failed Sex God’!  Congratulations!

REMEMBER: Voting is still open for the Inkys until next Friday, so don’t forget to keep voting for Stolen to win!

(I’ve heard from many of you who have already done this, so thanks lots!)
Catch ya laters,

Lucy x

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Prime Minister’s Awards

In just a couple of hours time the winners of the Prime Minister’s Awards will be announced in Melbourne. Stolen is shortlisted for the new and absolutely fabulous YA section of this award, but so are many other totally brilliant books!

I wish all the authors the very best of luck, both for the YA award and the other awards!

And I wish you, dear reader, lollipops and laughter,
Lucy x

P.S. Sorry for the lack of blog posts of late, but I’m back on track now ;-)

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Don’t forget – I’m speaking at the Cheltenham Literature Festival tomorrow (Sat 16th) at 4.15pm with the wonderful Barry Cunningham and talented CJ Skuse (my friend, fellow Chicken author and, believe it or not, ex-student!).  Come along, why don’t you?!! There are still tickets available. We will be talking about the X Factor in teen fiction – how do you get it, what is it, and do we even have it! Ha!

It should be rad (now there’s a word I haven’t used in a long time…perhaps I’m going to bring it back…come along to the festival event tomorrow and I’ll try to slot the word ‘rad’ into my conversation!).  Perhaps a prize if anyone spots it?!

Free smiles too for anyone who attends! Of course we’ll be signing too.


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Awards, Awards, Awards!

Hey, guess what Gang!?

Both of my books have recently been listed for brilliant book awards!

UKLA AwardsFirstly, FLYAWAY has been longlisted for the lovely and prestigious UK Literacy Award. This is a fab and important award, voted for by teachers and with the aim of picking a book that uses language in a particularly evocative or imaginative way. I loved playing with the writing and imagery of Flyaway…it was what I enjoyed most about this book! As I said over on my other blog post, I’m now crossing my fingers that my quiet, feathered book makes it to the next stage.  There are wings inside this book, ones just itching to stretch and fly.

Stolen - Inky Awards 2010 LogoThe other exciting news is that STOLEN has been shortlisted for the Inky Awards.  This is brilliant news as these awards are absolutely wonderful.  They are voted for by teens so are a really good indication of what you guys out there really like to read.  I’m so honoured to have made it onto this shortlist (and with such other fab books for company too!) And I’m really very grateful. THANK YOU kind and lovely judges.

Now …. If  YOU feel like voting for STOLEN to WIN this amazing award…you can!

Check out the voting on the insideadog website. There are great prizes to win if you vote too! You can vote for it here!

Anyway, I’m meant to be writing Book 3, instead of getting so excited about my other two books that I want to jump around my living room like a pogo stick. Must get back to the tappety-tap…

Wishing you delight and dancing,


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In the Bath with Maggie Stiefvater

Here is Maggie Stiefvater and I sharing some bubbles! Well, not that you can actually see the bubbles in this picture (a helpful publicist kindly removed the glasses of Moet out of shot before it was taken!). But nevertheless, this is me and MAGGIE STIEFVATER at the Bath Children’s Literature Festival. How cool is that?! And yes, the length of Maggie’s arm is also impressive. Perhaps this is why she is such a prolific writer. Perhaps the sheer length of her arm means that she can write for days and never tire. Either way, she’s a fab writer and here’s me … meeting her!

For those of you who don’t know it, Maggie Stiefvater has kindly agreed to provide the author endorsement on the US paperback edition of STOLEN. She has also blogged about how much she enjoyed reading STOLEN on her amazing website ( So, all in all, this was a starstruck moment.

I also had the priviledge of seeing Maggie Stiefvater and Jennifer Lynn Barnes in conversation, talking about ‘why werewolves’ and other random things like ‘monkey group behaviour’. It was fascinating, and also very funny.

I spent the rest of my delightful day out at the Bath Children’s Literature Festival meeting up with past students, having a coffee with the gorgeous Julia Green (author of such amazements as Drawing with Light and Blue Moon), watching the Great Cornelia Funke talk about her thrilling new book Reckless, and chatting with my publisher Barry about a new piece of Secret Stolen Film News!! He He He He. I know something you don’t know (you’ll have to imagine the singsong voice that was just in my head!). I also got SPOTTED! Yes, that’s right …. someone came up to me with exactly the words one doesn’t want to hear when one is trying to inconspicuously stalk Maggie Stiefvater : “ARE YOU LUCY CHRISTOPHER?”

I was, you could say, rather bowled over.

In other news, today is meant to be Day One of the New Writing Regime (NWR). So far, I’ve blogged (twice…don’t forget, I’m also Writer in Residence for, I have eaten crumpets, and I have sat in the sun with only a tshirt on(plus other clothes to cover legs etc…don’t worry, I’m no nudist.). On the plus side for the NWR, I have downloaded some songs to inspire me to write it. Also, hearing yesterday that Jennifer Lynn Barnes can write a book in 6 weeks has somewhat terrified me into action.

And on that note, I must depart. It’s time for me to place hands firmly on my hips and stare squarely at Book 3.

Wishing you fun and frolicks,


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OK, I’m kind of getting into the hang of this blog idea now.  I thought I might tell you a bit about the kinds of things that are going on in my writing life right now.  There are a few excitements!

Firstly, for the month of October, I am the official Writer in Residence for the fabulous Inside A Dog blogspot (part of the Centre for Youth Literature, Australia).  This is really exciting because anyone who really knows me knows I’ve never been the most technologically minded of gals.  But now?  Look at me go!  I have a wonderful new website which I’m blogging on right now, plus I am Writer in Residence for this other fabulous site.  Soon you won’t know me…I’ll just be known as Ms Geek!  So anyway, check out my other blogging site for the month of October HERE.  Also, while you’re there, check out some of the other really cool info on this site….there are some lovely reviews and whatnot!

While we are talking about the fantastic Inside A Dog website, let me tell you about a linked piece of information that is really rather exciting.  STOLEN has been longlisted for the Inky Awards.  These are such brilliant awards.  They are set up by the Centre for Youth Literature, are international awards for teenage literature, and are voted for by YOU (well, if you’re under 20!).  The shortlist for these awards is announced on the 12th October, so please, everyone reading this cross your fingers now and say a small word of encouragement under your breath that STOLEN makes it onto this!

So, in other news? Well there’s some really exciting news about the possibility of making STOLEN into a film, but I’m not sure how much of this I can reveal yet, sooooo…..let’s just keep you hanging on this one for the moment.  But let me just say I let out a small squeal of delight whenever I think about what’s going on here.

Tomorrow I’m off to the Bath Children’s Literature Festival to see Cornelia Funke and Maggie Stiefvater (maybe even meet this fabulous lady, who is providing the author endorsement on the US paperback edition of STOLEN!).

I’ll blog about my adventures here soon.

And then next week I am embarking upon the New Writing Regime.  This is a self-imposed regime of boot camp for me to get my third book written.  Book 3 is currently being a little pest of a creature, and it’s now time to beat him into ship shape.  I’ll no doubt be blogging about the New Writing Regime over the coming few weeks, so this won’t be the last you hear of this. Mwahahaha (that’s my impression of a scary man laugh!).

Anyway, I’ve waffled on here for far too long already, and yeah, I haven’t told you all the stuff that’s going on in my life, but I think I’ve told you enough for now…. so it’s time for me to make like a tree….

Adios Amigos!

Thoughtfulness and friendship,


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Ty gets shortlisted for best Villain!

Teen Read Awards

We are thrilled to anounce that Ty MacFarlane, anti-hero of STOLEN, has been nominated for BEST VILLAIN for the Indigo Teen Read Awards!

This is a fantastic new award that has been organised by Indigo Booksellers in Canada and , the best bit of all … this award is decided by YOU! That’s right, you can vote for Ty to win the best villain award right here on the Indigo website –

There are also heaps of other fun categories you can vote for in these awards, including best hottie and best liplock!

Sooooo, get voting and get your voice heard! There are prizes and giveaways too for casting your vote – every day you vote, you can win a new prize! Ty would be most enormously grateful to receive your votes! He’s never won anything in his life before, so he’d be thrilled to win this! Please vote for him here!

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HULL Children's Book Award

Lucy is delighted to have won, and accepted, the Hull Children’s Book Award (Key Stage 3) for her debut novel, Stolen.

Lucy travelled up to Hull for a special award ceremony which was attended by teens from the local schools, as well as the rather fabulous local librarians.

The Hull Children’s Book Award is a special award because the overall winner is decided purely by the teen vote! Lucy was presented with a beautiful picture by a local artist to mark the occasion.

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STOLEN on the short list for the Branford Boase Award

The Branford Boase Award was set up to reward the most promising new writers and their editors, as well as to reward excellence in writing and in publishing. The Award is made annually to the most promising book for seven year-olds and upwards by a first time novelist.

STOLEN joins six other fantastic novels on this impressive short list for this fantastic award.

Not least, STOLEN is sharing the short list with “stable mate” Rachel Ward, another Chicken House chicken and author of the fabulous Numbers. STOLEN’s editor Imogen Cooper is also the editor of Numbers, so a double celebration for this very talented lady too!

What a thrill to be on this very exciting list!

Check out this talented list for this year’s Branford Boase Award here

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