Lucy is interviewed by 11 year old Orla Ambrose about her writing and new work.

Here is gorgeous Orla Ambrose interviewing Lucy Christopher about her writing process and about her new work – you might even get a sneak preview of the new book if you keep watching! :-)

Interview with Lucy Christopher by Orla Ambrose from Lucy Christopher on Vimeo.

11year old Orla interviews Lucy about her writing and her latest book for Young Adults.

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As you can probably tell, I’m really rather excited about this fact.

In fact, I need to scream very loudly right now …… STOLEN HAS WON THE GOLD INKY AWARD!!!!!

There.  Did you hear me?

I want to make sure and scream again, but in case you heard me the first time, here’s my acceptance speech for winning the award instead:

Unfortunately, my grandfather has been very ill this past week so I wasn’t able to attend the awards in person (which I was REALLY sad about! :-( … ) However, my dear old dad picked up the award for me.  I can’t wait to see it in person next week. What a treat!

Thank you so much to everyone who voted for my debut book to win this amazingly wonderful prize.  I really am very grateful.  This is SUCH a great prize to win.  The best thing about this prize is that it’s voted for by YOU, my teenage readers.  Wow.  So I guess that must mean you kinda like my book?  Gosh, I really am very grateful.  THANK YOU!!

I’ll  be back home in Melbourne early next year so hopefully I’ll get to meet a few of you wonderful voters then. Sure hope so anyway. If anyone has any requests for visits or appearances, please get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

Only one thing left to say:   sadly my grandfather  died yesterday, so, in true Oscar style, I think I should dedicate this award to him!  And also to you…my voters.  Thanks guys.  You’re all lovely.

I’m really pleased to win.


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Book Trailer for STOLEN…

Check out this fantastic book trailer made for the American edition of STOLEN:


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Lucy talks about her books on YouTube

See Lucy speaking about her books in Australia recently:


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