Choccies from Scholastic!

Choccies from Scholastic!, originally uploaded by lucychristopher.

Look at these beautiful creations! They are two good things at once….tiny works of art and also delicious chocolates by Marie Belle in New York.

They are also from my wonderfully brilliant publisher in the States, Scholastic (thanks Ellie!!). I guess they are a Christmas present, but can I eat them now?!! Purlease?!!

Christmas chocolates are fun. If anyone wants to send me more, you know where my publishing house lives…. ;-)

Bye for now. I’m off to scoff chocolates, I mean, *cough* …write my third book!

Lucy x

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  1. by Siobhan

    On December 16, 2010

    They just might be as good as the vegan cupcakes from Butter Lane in the “EV”! Enjoy!

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