Stolen at the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards

Well, Stolen didn’t win the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards, but Look! Stolen did get to share the stage with Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard!

Stolen upstaging Prime Minister Julia Gillard ;-)

Who’s upstaging who…? ;-)

The Young Adult Fiction winner was Bill Condon, with his FABULOUS  ‘Confessions of a Liar, Thief and Failed Sex God’!  Congratulations!

REMEMBER: Voting is still open for the Inkys until next Friday, so don’t forget to keep voting for Stolen to win!

(I’ve heard from many of you who have already done this, so thanks lots!)
Catch ya laters,

Lucy x

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  1. by Bill Condon

    On November 12, 2010

    Dear Lucy

    Thank you for your congratulations re my book and the PM’s Award. You were on my personal
    shortlist to win it, but any of the final seven would have made a worthy winner.
    The only book that I truly thought had no chance, was mine. It was a great honour for me to make the shortlist and to be in the company of such a great line up of writers. The best I
    hoped for from the day was a free lunch. To win was amazing, and very lucky. I’m pretty
    sure that in the coming years you will again be a contender, and most
    probably a winner.

    Best wishes, Bill.

  2. by Lucy Christopher

    On November 13, 2010

    Oh my!! It’s the man himself! So EXCITING to see a message from you up here, Bill! And thanks for your lovely and kind comments about my book. A huge congratulations again on winning such a wonderful prize. Hope you’re going to do something fun with the prize money! ;-) You’ve written a fab book and should be super proud!
    All best. Perhaps next time I’m back home in Melbs we may bump into each other …. somewhere, sometime!
    Lucy :-)

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