Lucy Christopher
Writer, Teacher, Speaker
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Coming 2022 …

‘Ever since I got here, I‘ve been scanning the courtroom, waiting for you. Even after everything, it is still always you, inside my head, inside me. Will it ever be any different?’

Release Book Cover

Writer, Teacher, Speaker

Hello! I’m Lucy Christopher, a writer, a teacher, a speaker, and academic. Most of all, I’m a lover of words and all things story. We are all storytellers, whether we label ourselves as such or not. I’m continuously interested in the stories we tell and the way we tell them – I’m interested in how these things are constantly developing, too. Thinking about all this is my life’s work!

Storm-wake - by Lucy Christopher

What else?

In between writing, and talking about writing, I do lots of other things! I hang out with Rocket, a very speedy lurcher cross whippet, travel a lot to visit all my family and friends across the world, and, of course, read loads of books. I like to read all sorts of stories, from picture books to adult literary fiction to digital stories to poetry. I like to try to write it all too, just for fun mostly!

  • Little Girl looking at the Queen on the Corner from her bedroom window
    New Book

    The Queen on Our Corner

    I didn’t notice her before either.
    Like everyone else, I just walked by.

  • Shadow Book Artwork
    New Book


    In the new house, under my new bed,
    that’s where I found Shadow.

My Books

Mostly I write stories for young people, and my books are all very different in style, theme and setting. My new book is a picture-book called The Queen on Our Corner. Find out more about all my stories here.
The Queen on Our Corner - by Lucy Christopher


I love to talk about my stories, lead writing retreats, visit schools, and speak at various writing festivals around the world. Find out what I’m up to here. Here is also some information if you’d like to book me to visit your school or organisation. I can talk about all sorts of things to do with writing and the process of creativity.

Wriggle and Write

We called it ‘Wriggle and Write’ which, in hindsight, perhaps sounded a little more like a primary school Summer Camp than a writing workshop for adults.


Get in touch if you have any questions about my stories, or if you’d like to book me for a school visit or other speaking engagement. You can also reach me directly through twitter, facebook, and instagram.

Lucy Christopher

Writer, Teacher, Speaker

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