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Lucy Christopher
Writer, Teacher, Speaker

The Queen on Our Corner

‘She’s right there at the end of our road, in that plot of land that never got built on. She’s sitting with her royal hound. I didn’t notice her before either. Like everyone else, I just walked by.’

Illustration of a little girl looking out at the 'queen' sitting on a wall with a dog by her side.
  • “A beautiful and thought provoking book for children – and adults – that shines a light on some of the issues surrounding homelessness.”
    – Max Newton, Shelter
  • “Lucy Christopher’s new picture book gently reminds us that everyone has a story – struggles and successes, ups and downs – and everyone needs a place to call home!”
    – Julia Green, Author
  • “This is a tale of looking for the inherent worth of everybody, in particular homeless people, and trying one’s best to understand and support them.”
    – Books for Keeps, 5 Stars


    The Queen on Our Corner is a heartwarming story of homelessness, kindness and community. Through the eyes of a young girl, the woman who dwells in the abandoned plot of land is seen as a warrior queen, with many battles fought and won.

    When danger comes to the street, the queen on the corner sounds the alarm and the little girl must find a way to thank her. Can she bring the community together to turn the queen’s corner into a home?

    Homelessness and Story

    I wrote this book for a few reasons. I’d been thinking about how there were lots of people who lived on the corners of my home town. I started to wonder about them and where they had come from, and what they had done before arriving here.

    Picture of the town where the Queen on Our Corner is set.

    One morning, I had a long conversation with a man who used to be a saxophone player but who had sold his instrument in order to buy food. I wondered if there were other homeless people who had been musicians, athletes, librarians, readers and writers.

    Then, a friend of mine told me a story about a homeless soldier who had once been a hero. I kept thinking about all these potential heroes – the kings and queens – around us. Could I stop to find out more? Maybe, even, help them find a palace?

    The Launch

    We had a lovely launch for The Queen on Our Corner at Berdoulat in Bath with the incredible illustrator, Nia Tudor and Holly Tonks from Lantana Publishing. Here are some pics from a magical, autumnal, fun-filled toasty evening!

    Trailer Talk

    Have a watch of the lovely trailer below and read the Queen on Our Corner Kid Lit Talk with Nia and myself. I hope you enjoy it!

    Available Now

    • 4-7 Years
    • Thought Provoking, Homelessness, Kindness

    • 21 Oct 2021
    • Publisher: Lantana
    • Illustrator: Nia Tudor

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