Lucy Christopher

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Pendemicus: White Writes Black

Can we, should we?

White writers writing black characters in fiction. With Melvin Burgess, Peter Kalu and Tariq Mehmood.

  • 17th June 2020 @ 17:00

  • Facebook Live

Writing Retreat - Loutro, Crete

Playing with Story

For those with an untold tale to tell, or a story that's not quite sparked into life, or for those feeling a bit jaded by the slog of writing right now, we will check out the basic components of novel writing, but with a spirit of gentle, supportive, and playful exploration.

  • 13th - 21st June 2020

  • Loutro, Crete

Storytelling with Lucy Christopher

If you're a small person I'd love you to come along and hear me read the story of SHADOW. Stick around afterwards to make your own shadows and play with them together.  Big people are also welcome to tag along with their small ones. This event is in the fantastic Discover Story Centre - a treat to visit regardless!
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