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He kidnapped her ten years ago.
Now she’s in control.

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Release Book Cover

‘Ever since I got here, I‘ve been scanning the courtroom, waiting for you. Even after everything, it is still always you, inside my head, inside me. Will it ever be any different?’

Ten years ago, sixteen-year-old Gemma Toombs was kidnapped from Bangkok Airport by an infatuated drifter, Tyler MacFarlane, who took her to a secret den in the Australian desert. Now her name is Kate Stone and it’s her turn to confront Ty and try to find answers to the questions that have obsessed her since her ordeal. What is the legacy of this coercive relationship? Who holds the cards now? In the confusion of past and present, will Kate remain trapped in a deranged dance of desire and revenge? Or will she regain control and find release?

Both a courtroom drama and a road trip in the searing heat of the West Australian desert, Release is the story of two people confronting each other, each intent on destruction and survival.

Companion to Stolen

Release is my first book for adults and is a companion to my bestselling YA novel Stolen. It’s a gripping psychological thriller that explores a young woman’s discovery of the complicated truth about a relationship that once seemed alluring.

Stolen - written by Lucy Christopher

Comments (17)

  • Hey, do you know why the author decided to put Release under “Adult” instead of under YA like Stolen is? Stolen was surprisingly a very clean book, as in there was nothing physical between the characters, that’s why it was YA. So I’m wondering why Release is an “Adult” book. Could be violence, but I’m not sure.

  • I read Stolen in high school and now that I have graduated from college, I can’t believe the sequal is out!! I have been waiting so long and I’m so happy it’s finally happening.

  • I’ve read Stolen about a year ago, and it hasn’t left my mind since. I cannot explain how relieved I am to hear that there’s a continuation to my favorite book. I was left feeling empty & confused. I fell in love with Ty and Gemma, and I needed more. Thank you Lucy Christopher for doing what no other author was able to do for me. Your talent truly has affected my life.

  • i just finished Stolen earlier today and it’s been on my mind ever since i’m very happy finding out that there’s going to be a sequel can’t wait to see Gemma again she’s one of my comfort book characters

  • I haven’t stopped thinking about this book since I read it 5+ years ago. I searched online for it and finally found a copy to re-read. It was still just as good as the first time. Knowing there will be a sequel, I’m just so happy to finally hear the end of Gemma and Ty’s story!

  • I just finished Stolen. Although I think it ended perfectly and just right to make me bawl my eyes out, I couldn’t help but wish for insight on the lives of the characters during and post trial. After getting so attached to the characters, I am ecstatic that you really are providing the opportunity to follow up with these characters. I cannot wait!

  • I just read Stolen for the first time, having intended to read it for years and years. I finished it yesterday and it hasn’t left my mind since I finished it so I thought I’d check if there was a sequel, not thinking there would be. Seeing that this will be released next year, I actually had a cry. I love that books can get into our souls like that. Can’t wait to devour this when it’s released!

  • So excited for the release of this book! I first read it years ago when I was a freshman in High School and I loved the story. It was one of those books that has always stuck with me, and for some reason I just decided to pull it out of the bookshelf and re-read it. Just finished it and checked this website to see what other books she had. So happy to hear there will be a follow up, I always wanted to know how the story continued!

  • I cannot wait to read this book, I first read Stolen when it came out, as a young preteen in the corner of the local university library. It left such an impact on me and made for severe inspiration in most of my senior HSC essays. Very excited!!

  • I am so excited! I have been obsessed with Stolen for a very long time now, and I loved every second of it. I will never forget how emotional I got when I finished reading it. I am so looking forward for the sequel, and I am very curious to see what is going to happen next. I cannot wait.

  • I am so excited. I’ve turned this book into a lesson when I was a student aid in high school. It was fascinating seeing all the opinions everyone had on what was to come next. I’m very intrigued to see how the story progresses in this next book.

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