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Writer, Teacher, Speaker
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Arvon at home: Writing for Children and YA

Writing Journal
  • 29th Nov – 01 Dec 2021
  • 10am – 7pm
  • Online

Compose a compelling novel

Join myself and bestselling author Marcus Sedgwick as we take you through the essential building blocks of composing a compelling novel, such as plot, character and place, and more.

Think Deeply

You will be encouraged to think deeply about what it takes to write for this particular audience, and stimulated to reach further into your resources in order to create the most powerful work you can.

Feel Liberated

We both have many years of experience of teaching creative writing, and are enthusiastic and empathetic in our approach.

We will discuss how to find an original voice through accessing the youthful voice inside you, how to keep your writing for young people fiction kicking goals and pushing boundaries, as well as enabling a safe space for the week so you can feel liberated to explore your interior worlds, and get them onto paper.

Come prepared to experiment, have fun, takes risks, and open your mind to this most rewarding area of writing.

Lucy Christopher

Writer, Teacher, Speaker

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